Mike DuPree
Mike DuPree [Freelance 3D Artist]

[The Man]

I'm Mike DuPree, a freelance 3D Visual Effects Artist with a life long passion for building engaging characters and worlds. I hail from Detroit, Michigan where my love for exhilarating stories started the moment I turned the pages of my first X-men comic as a kid.

I studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I received my BFA in drawing and sculpting. After growing tired of painful winters, I shipped out west. I have worked here in Los Angeles for five years now, where I have enjoyed helping to:

- Tackle design challenges in the heat of battle.

- Promote an open-minded and positive environment in and out of the work place.

- Prove that getting detention for doodling robots on your middle school homework pays off!

Thanks so much for visiting, if you're interested in collaborating together please contact me below.


Photo by Shelley Som.

Photo by Shelley Som.

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